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Our History

Paver Saver is owned by Freedom Home Solutions, Inc.  A company that started back in 2002 specializing in commercial and residential pressure cleaning.  Through the years we grew a very loyal customer base and earned an impressive reputation for quality work and professionalism.  We saw the need for paver sealing as many of our customers were either never educated on the importance (after spending thousands of dollars!), or were victims of very poor applications of sub par sealers. 


The team at Freedom Home Solutions spent over a year interviewing product reps from various manufactures, consulting major associatons like SSPC (Society of Protective Coatings), and engaging customers to find out what the market was lacking.  Two answers were derived: QUALITY OF THE SEALER & WORKMANSHIP. 


Having the problems identified we created a new brand, Paver Saver.  A name that represents what we do.  We are here to save you from our competitors.  We use arguablly the best sealer on the market and have honed the craft of the "application". Most paver sealing companies have access to the same type sealers we use.  However, they frequently either don't use it because it is more expensive, or they dont apply it correctly.  We have seen hundreds of jobs with good sealer simply applied poorly, or with poor preparation.  We pride ourselves in following the manufacturers REQUIRED application method and use our 14 years experience pressure cleaning to properly clean the surfaces and prepare them for sealing. The final product results in a durable, impressive looking finish that brings your pavers to life!


Sealing pavers in Jacksonville, Amelia Island, Ponte Vedra Beach, St. John's, St. Augustine




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