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Q. Do I really need to seal my pavers?


A.   Yes! The Florida sunshine and weather will excessively wear the surface of your pavers. Mold and insects taking over the joints will lead to destabilization and most likely requiring significant repairs.  Sealing your pavers will give them protection agains all kinds of acids, grease and oils that commonly disfigure beautiful driveways and patios.  In many cases in less than a year. Plus, the enhanced look our sealer provides will make them look more like what you were expecting while protecting them from stains and discoloration.


Q. Can't I seal them myself?


A.   Yes. However, my favorite way to answer that question is if you were to take Tiger Woods golf clubs and give them to someone who doesn't play golf and expect that person to be a pro golfer.  That person doesn't have the experience or skill and despite having the same superior  equipment they can't match the same results as an experienced professional.  This is no different.


Unless you have the expensive equipment such as a high GPM pressure washer, hot water capability, experience with chemicals,  proper spray equipment and technique, a lot of time, and most importantly knowing how to apply the sealer correctly, you most likely won't be happy with the results and spent a lot of money doing so.  


Q.  Why should I choose Paver Saver?


A.   We are the best!  Really.  We actually believe this.  We use only the best products available and apply them EXACTLY the way they were designed.  We have built a repuatation of professionalism and quality of workmanship.  This is our job, our livelihood and we take it serious!  Many other companies cut corners and fail to pay attention to the craft of application.  This results in many failed sealing jobs and creates a hefty bill for the customer.


Q.  Why are my pavers turning white?


A.  Sorry to break the news but you are the recipient of a poor sealing job.  Either a very cheap product was applied, a solvent based sealer was applied incorrectly or a combination of both. In some cases, efflorescence wasn't treated prior to sealing and the white residue has now become trapped under the sealer.   Our product will never turn white.  A term we in the industry refer to as "blushing" or "ghosting".  The only fix is to have it stripped and resealed.


 In rare cases of extreme conditions where ground water is frequently present, or in shady, wet areas, efflorescence can become a continual problem due to the moisture below the pavers.  A thorough analysis of the area may result in a recommendation not to seal the pavers.  This is extremely rare.


Q.  Why do I have weeds growing everywhere in between my pavers?


A.   You've either never had your pavers sealed or the product used didn't stablize the sand in the joints and lock the weeds out.   Many times our competitors don't spray enough sealer onto the pavers to "flood" the joints and penetrate deep into the sand joints. The reason often is due to the product they are using.  Almost all paver sealers cannot be applied too heavy or more than 2 coats or they will turn white or become slippery.   In that scenario, even if the sealer used was capable of hardening the joint sand, it wouldn't have the opportunity.  Our products are applied correctly, as the manufacturer designed them to be.  We pride ourselves in that and the results are joints that are hard as a rock and stablized for years!  Weeds and ants are reduced by over 95% compared to normal paver joints.


Q.  Are your products expensive?


A. Yes.  You get what you pay for when it comes to coatings and sealers.  Our prices are still competitive despite we pay almost 50% more for our products than cheaper alternatives used by most others.  Our theory is it will cost you much more to have to reseal every year or have your pavers stripped and resealed.  Do it right the first time!


Q.  Why don't you use Polymeric sand like some of your competitors?


A.  Polymeric Sand is a dinosaur living in the 21st century.  It has its applications but in general it is a bad choice given the alternatives.  New water based urethane products like ours can be "flooded" on to penetrate deep into the joints and hardening normal  washed aggregrate sand that is much better for joint stabilzation.  You can choose from a white or brown sand to further match your application.


Q.  How long does the sealing process take?


A.  Small to medium sized jobs are usually performed in one day.  Larger jobs or those requiring repairs or stripping usually run a maximum of 3 days.  Our product is waterproof in hours and can be usually be walked on the same night.




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