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WET! is an enviromentally friendly single component polymer water based clear sealer.  It is formulated to give a "wet" look appearance without any sheen.  It is able to seal, stablize and color enhance your concrete pavers in one quick, easy process.



URE-SEAL H2o is a two component, water based, high solid, Urethane Sealer.  Ure-Seal H2O is enviromentally friendly and is a high performance clear coating that protects and enhances your concrete pavers.  A wet look or a high gloss finish is available and will provide years of service.  This is our premium sealer that comes with a 3 year Warranty.



Stone Show H2O


Stone Show H2O is a breathable, water based, penetrating water repellent designed to be used on natural stones, concrete and other masonry surfaces.  While providing a unique and beautiful enhancement it acts as a protective shield against staining, simplifies maitnenance and cleaning and disallows deterioration of the substrate.  This product is not inteded to be used on concrete pavers. 




EffloRemover is an organic acid which is used to remove efflorescence (a whitish residue that is sometimes apparent on the surface of the pavers) and rust from the surface of the pavers. Our efflorescence remover is user friendly and environmentally safe.



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