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Concrete Sealing Process

  • Pre-treat with concrete cleaner & degreaser
  • Chemical removal of any oil/rust/stains
  • Thorough power washing
  • Post-treat with concrete brightener
  • High pressure rinse
  • Heavy coat of Splash Proof Concrete Sealer






Advantages To Sealing Concrete

Concrete is everywhere, your driveway, pool deck, gas station, hospitals, shopping malls, airports you name it.  Clean, stain free concrete is a little more hard to come by. 
Concrete has many benefits however one of the biggest problems is that it actually is very porous, leading to moisture intrusion which is a breeding ground for mold and mildew.  It also acts like a large sponge when something is spilled and it soaks it deep into the pores of the surface. The best way to reduce the growth of mold and mildew and prevent stains in concrete is to not allow water to enter the concrete in the first place and that is exactly what Splash Proof will do for you. Pressure cleaning your concrete only temporarily rids the stains and mold from the surface.  Immediately after, it is once again susceptible to stains and moisture intrusion thus repeating the cycle of having to pressure clean again.  This is not only costly but very time consuming.  
Paver Saver can professional apply this revolutionary nanotechnology sealer onto any concrete surface and create a hydrophobic environment that will almost eliminate the need to pressure wash annually (if at all).  As a homeowner this sounds like a life changer, because it is!  Not only will you protect your surface from unsightly stains, you will prolong the life of your concrete by disallowing moisture intrusion that leads to degradation and mold and mildew.



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