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Freedom Home Solutions, Inc dba Paver Saver warrants all residential applications against defects in material failure such as cracking, peeling or turning yellow as follows: 2 year residential warranty using Seal N Lock,  2 year residential warranty using Ure-Seal H2O.   Freedom Home Solutions, Inc dba Paver Saver will repair all defective sealer only.  Customers are responsible for labor and other materials on all warranty issues needing to be corrected.  


Important: WARRANTY IS VOID IF PREVIOUSLY SEALED. This warranty excludes damages caused by failure of any previous coating/sealer failure of the substratum, or damage caused by customer abuse or neglect. Slate, Flagstone and any other natural stone including travertine which the customer requires to be sealed is not covered by the warranty. “Efflorescence” is not covered by this warranty, but is occasionally covered by the stone manufacturer. According to the “ICPI” (interlocking concrete pavement institute), efflorescence is a natural process, in which a random white haze may appear on the surface of the brick, which is caused by lime or a water soluble calcium oxide that rises to the surface after repeated saturations due to rain or sprinklers. Efflorescence does not affect the integrity of the bricks and will usually resolve itself with time and exposure to the elements.”) The proper sealing of concrete brick pavers can either retard or stop completely the efflorescence process due to the moisture protection achieved by the sealing process. However, this warranty does not state or imply that efflorescence will stop as a result of the sealing process. In addition, some brick pavers lie in a heavily moisture ridden substratum (due to improper drainage) which may cause the bricks to retain moisture and cloud the bricks. Only proper drainage will correct the problem and is not the responsibility of Freedom Home Solutions, Inc dba Paver Saver. Often times, dependant on traffic volume, UV exposure, weather conditions, rain water control from dripping off a home’s roof, pool cage, garden hose, down spouts pouring directly on the surface and many other factors can contribute, it is possible for the joint sand to wash out from between the pavers. Freedom Home Solutions, Inc dba Paver Saver is not responsible for any natural erosion that may occur based off these abnormal conditions. We do not express or imply any length of time the joint sand will remain in the paver joints. The customer understands that the sealing is only as good as the quality and condition of the bricks that are being sealed. No claim is expressed or implied that we can totally remove all stains prior to application. We remove as much as is possible with today’s technology, equipment and chemicals, yet some stains such as paint, oils and efflorescence are set deep into the pores of the bricks making total removal impossible without serious damage to the delicate patina of the bricks. Some stains can only be removed by having the bricks replaced manually. We also cannot guarantee insect intrusion, weeds and mold will not return in any amount of time on any application, although we take many steps to retard the growth of mold and weeds, there is not way to warrant the surface of weeds or mold. Also, some pavers are much more porous than others. Even inconsistency on the same surface can occur from one paver to another which can impede the level of "sheen" or "shine" a surface can have. Freedom Home Solutions, Inc dba Paver Saver does not in any way guarantee your pavers will hold a high shine or any shine at all, as it is paver by paver dependant. We do offer an additional high gloss additive that is an additional coat over your sealed surface which has been known to increase the shine drastically in 99% of our applications, Although we cannot guarantee it will in every instance, this service will include an additional cost to the customer. In addition, no claim is implied on how long the sealer will last (condition, quality and how well the pavers are maintained can effect durability). Note that the sealer can be slippery in some cases, which we cannot be liable for.  
Freedom Home Solutions, Inc dba Paver Saver takes many measures and steps to protect any surrounding plant life or foliage however in some cases, plants can be damaged if the surrounding soil comes in contact with our solutions. In the rare occurrence this happens but we do not take fault if a plant is damaged during our process. Contracting Freedom Home Solutions, Inc dba Paver Saver gives us the right to re-service, repair and refund invoice amounts of ALL CLAIMS. Customer service is our priority immediately following employee safety. We reserve the right to correct any issues our customers may encounter.

Warranty is subject to change at any time without notice as industry products and processes change  throughout time.  IT IS STRONGLY SUGGESTED that customers print the current warranty of time of services rendered to ensure they receive proper coverage.
This is the only warranty given by the warrantor. 
Last revision to warranty made 10/06/2016

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